Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three Course Meal

This morning I started National Running Day with a relaxing 4 mile jog. This was the furthest I have run in a month. I’m always shocked at how fast my fitness level depletes if I’m not using it.

Last night we had one of those dinners where you are so hungry that you can’t wait for all the components to come together. So we just ate as each part was finished. It was actually really satisfying and took us much longer to eat. There was even conversation… imagine that Smile 

We started off with a salad; romaine, carrots, mushrooms, hearts of palm, and fresh ground pepper.


2nd course was the vegetable; first corn on the cob of the year.


And we finished up with the protein; slice of pork tenderloin. I cut all the fat off and left the last few bites for Ben. Sorry the picture looks nasty on my dirty plate with a gray piece of meat laying there. Sad smile


My handsome husband even did the dishes.  It’s really bright in our house in the evening… sunglasses are required.


While Ben did the dishes I looked through my new Self Magazine. I came across this article that was a friendly reminder of how we should eat.


It was filled with friendly reminders of bad eating  habits that we create. Sometimes just being aware of a behavior is enough to make you change it.

#9 is the one that I always forget to do. I’m not sure if it’s from being a kid  and having to eat everything on my plate. Or because I do the shopping, I know how much food costs and don’t want to waste money throwing food away?


What are your thoughts on eating things just because they are there?  Do you do it, or can you leave yummy food on your plate?


  1. GUILTY as charged! I will often eat the last cookie or treat - or an extra cookie or treat - just because it's there! Definitely something to think about :)

  2. I'm the worst about clearing my plate! Right now, I'm working on putting less on my plate so I'm not eating quite as much.


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