Monday, May 16, 2011

Eugene Marathon Race Report

Hello Hello!!! Wow has time been flying by or what? Three weeks ago today I ran the Eugene Marathon. This race was a thousand times better than the Victoria Marathon for me. Here’s how it went down.

Friday I flew from Sitka to Eugene, I ended up getting in around 7pm so I just got comfy in my “motel” room and went to bed early.

Saturday I woke up bright and early and set out to find the Trader Joes that was a couple of miles away. My niece has an undying love for their Chocolate Covered Vanilla Caramels. Plus I wanted to grab a couple of things for that day as well as for after the race. Well for anyone who has ever been to a Trader Joes it’s impossible to get out of there without an entire bag stuffed with new treasures. I ended up getting Makayla’s chocolates, Electrolyte Water, a Bottle of Red Wine (for after the race), Chocolate Milk, some Artisan Bread, Cream Cheese, B-12, a bottle opener for the Wine, and Dried Mangos. It was a full load Smile


I walked back to the hotel and was getting a little worried that I had been doing too much walking the day before a big race. I got back to the hotel unloaded my loot, and set off again to the race expo (about a mile away). I’ve only ever been to one other expo and in comparison they were about the same size. But Eugene had a lot more fun stuff for sale. I bought a Marathon hoodie for 40 bucks and a pair of once word shoes from a Road Runners booth for 50 bucks and also a bag of chomps that I ate 1/2 of during the marathon.


I had planned on getting dinner from an Italian place close to the expo. But started to get worried that I had already walked too much that day so instead I got a turkey sandwich from Subway, that was directly across the street from my motel. I spent the evening trying to drink a bunch of water and stay off my feet a bit. There happened to be an Extreme Couponing Marathon on TLC and I was in awe of these people… in both the good and bad way. I definitely have mixed feeling about the way some of them work the system, just to hoard food.

I slept pretty good that night. My alarm went off at 4:30, I got up and took my time getting ready. It was nice being by myself and just having to think about me. I did all the usual pre-race stuff. I had brought my usual long run breakfast; Dave’s Killer Raisin Bread (2 slices) with Almond Butter. I was also having some tummy issues, very unusual for me and was getting worried that port-a-potty breaks would affect my run (by the way I am totally freaked out by those things!!!).


I got the shuttle and sat next to a really nice chatty lady. I was about 40 minutes early to the race, and hit up the port-a-potty again with my summersaulting tummy. I felt better after and because I was one of the first people to use the bathroom it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

I had signed up a few weeks earlier to run with the Clif Bar pacer in the 4:30 group. Based on my long run (20 miles) my pace was 10:21 and the 4:30 pace was 10:18. I thought I could hang with them. If they had offered a 4:45 pace group I would have signed up with them, but there wasn’t. Her name was Marie and she was AWESOME!!! I may never run another marathon without the Clif Bar pace team again! Seriously I’m going to check their website and see what races they’re pacing for my next race… she was that good.

The weather was supposed to be pretty warn that day, up to 70 and I was honestly a little freaked out because all my training runs were in about 35 degree weather. I put a ton of thought into what to wear that day. I settled on my Dash Crops, All Sports Bra, Cool Racer Back Tank, and my long sleeve race shirt from Victoria Marathon. I thought I would loose the long sleeve pretty early in the run, but ended up leaving in on till mile 18!

About 7:10 we were off and running. Note: I LOVED the early start time! It was super crowded and I had a hard time keeping with Marie. I just tried not to use too much energy passing people and weaving in and out. The first mile was one of my slowest of the race.

Miles 1-7 I felt awesome after my legs warmed up. My feet were totally numb through all of these miles. I also wanted to pee but every time we saw a bathroom there was a huge line. So I just kept on a trucking. There were two hills during this time, but once again Marie was great and said, “that’s not a hill those people are just taller”. And continued to tell stories the entire time. She was right, it didn’t feel like a hill.  Around mile 6 I wanted to take off and RUN! But I managed to hold back and stay with Marie.

Miles 8-16 Still felt great… the pace seemed slow but I was hoping a slow pace now would get me through the 6 miles further than I had ever ran before. I was happy to run over the time mat at mile 13 and was right on pace. About mile 16 the pace group was breaking up, and conversation was limited so I slowly started inching ahead of them.

Mile 18-23 There were some mixed feeling during this time. It was further than I had EVER run before that day! I ran with a lady for a bit who was wearing TEVA’s and wool socks… we talked for a little bit and then I pulled ahead. For a few miles I was passing a lot of people, and it was  totally giving me a high.

Mile 24-26.2 These were without a doubt the hardest miles. I was  playing leap frog with about half a dozen runners, and it was kind of irritating. Also the 4:30 pace group caught up and passed me. I put in my iPod, but the volume was messed up and Pink just isn’t the same in a whisper. I was too tired to figure out how to fix it. I also really wanted to walk, or at least my mind wanted me to walk but my legs had other plans. I just kept on going till I crossed the finish line in 4:31.08. I would have been really great to get under 4:30, but there’s always next time! Smile 

Post race I walked thought the chute and got my medal, and space blanket. The after race food was horrible; there were only lays chips, Otis Cookies and pancakes. They were out of chocolate milk. Pretty weak compared to Victoria. I walked a few blocks to the shuttle and made my way back to my motel.

The rest of the day included a shower, some TV, a walk, lots of phone calls, a burger and beer for dinner and then back to my motel for a glass of wine. I ended up passing out with the TV and light on (not like me at all).

I was up bright and early the next morning to catch a flight home. I was a little sore, but felt like a had a hangover even though I only had 2 drinks.

There’s so much more I could talk about, this post is already crazy long. By the way there are no finisher photos because I look the marshmellow man from Ghost Busters in all my photos Sad smile  Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Congrats on a great race! I'm glad to see a post from you- I've missed hearing about your running adventures. :)

  2. Awesome job! Sounds like a good race, and you ran a great time. :)


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