Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Goals and September Goals Update

It was a very social weekend! Friday night we had a garage sale, and then attended a pampered chef party. Saturday started early with doing our garage sale that morning as well. The afternoon was spent cleaning and grocery shopping and then we met my sister (Somer) and Jenn and Travis for a drink, and then on to dinner. Sorry there are zero pictures from all these events. I still have to make a conscience effort to pull out my camera and take pictures of everyday things.

Last month I blogged about some goals that I had set for myself.

September Goals:

  • I’m going to do 4 of the P90X videos, 5 days a week. Doing the Abs two days, and alternating the other videos on other days. This was a big fail. I did the abs video about 6 times last month.
  • I want to LAY OFF THE NUT BUTTERS… This is the hardest one for me, but I know I can do it. Peanut butter is a major comfort food for this girl. Not perfect, but there was improvement here.
  • Build up my mileage to long runs of 13 miles, by the end of the month. Close, I made it to long run of 11 miles.
  • Limit grocery shopping to only fresh produce. We have a pantry chugged full of stuff that needs to be eaten! The exception to this rule is I have a few entertaining things planned for the month… so I won’t make my guests eat old pantry food :)  Did pretty good here. But somehow I still have a plugged full pantry!
  • And last but not least, I want to do to a yoga class. I have some DVD’s that I rarely do, but other than those I have never tried yoga. I hear amazing things about it, and want to see if it’s for me. Yup did this the first week of the month. I really like the class, but haven’t gotten my butt back to another class. I think part of it is that I have a hard time paying $10 for something that I could do at home.

October Goals:

  • I plan on running a 5k at the beginning of November and would like to train to run that faster than last year (28:41). I’m going to start training for a speedy 5k with track workouts and all. I’ve never done a track workout in my life, so this should be fun.Does anyone have a good 5k training plan?
  • Do each level of the 30 Day Shred 8 days in a row.
  • On the nut butter front, I’m limiting myself to one jar for the entire month. This is about half as much as I ate last month. Yeah I know I have a problem.
  • To blog one new recipe a week. I will try to do this on the weekend, I want to expand my recipe arsenal.
  • This last goal sounds totally vane, but I would like to lose a few pounds. 5-6 pounds would be ideal to get me to my favorite weight that I haven’t been at for about 5 years.


 Anyone else set goals for the next month? And I’m serious if anyone has a 5k plan to get me faster please let me know?


  1. Um, I go through a jar of nut butter each week...yikes.
    I don't set goals, but I'm thinking I should. I just read an article about vision boards yesterday and I'm thinking about making my own.
    Good luck on your 5K!

  2. OOO pampered chef party! Sounds so much fun. :)

    So great that you have goals for each month. I should start doing this too. Even if you don't accomplish them, the important thing is that you are working towards something which is always a beautiful thing.

  3. Okay I don't feel so bad about 2 jars a month.... I mainly eat it out of the jar for a snack so I don't consume as much as if I actually put it in/on things.

    Pampered Chef is pretty fun... It was hard not to drink, because I had to drive home :)That's so sweet about the goals. Thank you...


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