Monday, October 4, 2010

First Track Workout

I wasn’t able to find any 5K training plans online that I loved so I think that I’m going to just make my own. I haven’t worked out what days will be what workouts, but I think that I want to do one day of each:

  • Track/Interval Training
  • Easy Run
  • Long Run
  • Hill Day
  • and Tempo Run

Does this sound like too much?

With today being my first interval training I wanted to keep it simple. Here was my plan; 1 mile warm up, 4x400 @ 8:00 minute pace with a 400 jog in between each, ending with 1 mile jog cool down.

Here’s what actually happened… I got to the track and there was a gym class running laps. So I stuck to the outside of the track and jogged my mile warm at at 10:15. Then I did my 4x400, why didn’t anyone warn me that these suckers are HARD!? I ended up running them at about 1:50 each (too fast). I don’t know what an 8 minute mile feels like so I just went nearly all out for each of the 400’s, I don’t think this is right. After each of the 400’s I saw on my Garmin that 1:50 each ended up being a 7:15 mile… yikes! Granted I was gasping for air, I felt happy that I had attempted my first track workout. I ended up only cooling down with half a mile because I wanted to get to the bank before everyone else got off work.

Here is the only track we have in our town. It leaves something to be desired as far as surface goes (it’s loose gravel), but the view isn’t too bad!There were some cute Coast Guard guys there playing Ultimate Frisbee. It was a little intimidating Wink


In our home we only have carpet in the bedrooms and on the stairs (we have a split level home) we are replacing the carpet in those rooms next week. So we (mainly Ben) are in process of moving everything out of our rooms, pulling out the old carpet and painting the walls before the new carpet is installed. I’ll post pictures of the finished rooms.

Dinner was super quick and just my style. Ben even said it was good and he could do this meal 2 or 3 times a week… good to know.


Greens, spinach, feta, diced apple, raw mushrooms, baked chicken and hummus instead of dressing.

I think tomorrow I’m going to try to get up before work and do a 4 mile tempo run. We’ll see, because it is supposed to start gusting 55 MPH tonight.


  1. Hi Nicole! Just stumbled to your blog. I'm training for my second 5K right now, so I'm too trying to figure out my plan. Yours sounds great though and I'm sure you'll get such a speedy 5K out of it!

    Your track is gorgeous by the way!

  2. I'm sorry, did you write "gusts of 55 mph"?????? Whoa. That's insane!

    Nice job on the workout. That's so fast! All I know is training for marathons, so I'm clueless about training for speed. Good luck! :)

  3. Maria- Good luck with your training. Thanks for reading the blog and also thanks for commenting. :)

    Kristy- Yeah we get really strong winds up here. We always laugh when down south has winds 1/2 as strong and make a huge deal out of it :)
    I found it much easier to find Marathon training plans as opposed to 5K plans. Thanks :)


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